Microbial Sampling Tool Used by Class 1 AirMicrobial sampling for surface and airborne contamination is a critical step to demonstrating the cleanliness of your production environment, or determining contamination sources. Our technicians take air samples with an impaction air sampler and surface samples with contact plates. Services include, working with your staff to develop a sampling plan based on a risk assessment, sample collection, incubation and analyzation by our ISO 17025 accredited microbiology laboratory. We can customize the level of evaluation based on your requirements. Common requests are for enumeration, microbial concentration, and general identification. We can also perform complete identification to genus or species level upon request. This service is valuable for many industries when compliance requires a microbial analysis of the working environment.

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Class 1 Air is your single source company for air filtration products and critical environment compliance testing. We proudly serve the upper Midwest. Our company is committed to leadership throughout Wisconsin and the Midwest in biological safety.

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