Design Build:

If you are in need of a cleanroom for contamination control or to set your company apart from your competitors, let us help. We can provide complete solutions designed to meet the most stringent classes of ISO-14644 standard of cleanliness. We can provide any size softwall or hardwall cleanroom, modular or permanent, for any industry. Designed to meet your specific needs, we assist in the evaluation and selection of size, classification, type of air flow and materials of construction based on your requirements.

Gap Analysis:

From USP <797/800> pharmacy sterile compounding to medical manufacturing, we understand the stringent standards you face. If it is time to upgrade your sterile compounding facility to comply with USP <797/800>, FDA standards, or if your cleanroom is failing to provide the necessary environmental results your clients demand; allow us to perform a gap analysis to evaluate your current status and what needs to be done to comply with current standards. We have the experience and educational background to make your facility function properly.

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Class 1 Air is your single source company for air filtration products and critical environment compliance testing. We proudly serve the upper Midwest. Our company is committed to leadership throughout Wisconsin and the Midwest in biological safety.

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