Contained Vented Enclosure/Powderhood:

Contained Vented Enclosure (CVE) or Powderhood - Class 1 AirKeep your personnel and the environment safe from powders. Inside these enclosures, delicate powders from your weigh stations are captured by a HEPA filter. These enclosures are the first defense in keeping your product contained. Use in non-sterile compounding applications is now part of USP<797/800> compliance. We have the proper equipment to test and repair any size benchtop CVE enclosure for weigh stations.

Containment Suites And HEPA Filtered Exhaust:

Containment Suite & HEPA Filtered Exhaust - Class 1 AirMaintaining control of hazardous use rooms is key to biocontainment. Regardless of industry, we can certify and service your containment system to ensure it is performing as it was intended. Using trained technicians is the key to performing a successful Bag-In/Bag-Out (BIBO) filter change, test, and/or decontamination. These systems are designed to minimize exposure to harmful material. While in operation, the material is trapped in the filter and contained in the specially constructed housing. BIBO systems should be tested annually to ensure they are providing the safety you depend on. When the filter has reached the end of its life, it needs to be removed and replaced. This is a critically sensitive process that requires specific procedures to maintain a safe environment during change out. Our technicians have been trained and perform this service on many of types of these systems.

Compounding Aspeptic Isolators and Compounding Aspetic Containment Isolators:

All isolators are not created equal and it is important to understand if your isolator meets the USP <797/800> requirements. We test to manufacturer’s specifications and CETA CAG-002-2006. We will ensure your isolator is being tested properly and operating safely. We are proficient in compliance testing of isolators per USP <797/800> and CETA CAG-002-2006. This includes ISO 14644 particle counting and performing surface/airborne microbial sampling. Isolators also require additional physical testing for compliance beyond measuring airflow pattern and HEPA filter integrity tests. Preparation ingress/egress test,  chamber pressure test, site installation assessment test and particle containment integrity are also required at certification.

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