Biological Safety Cabinets:

Biological Safety Cabinet (BSC) - Tested by Class 1 Air BioSafety Cabinets (BSCs) are an essential safety devices found in your laboratory or pharmacy. Following NSF standard 49 annex F, we certify any type of BSC. Protecting your environment, personnel and your product; a properly functioning BSC is indispensable. Our NSF49 accredited technicians service any make and model of BSC. In addition, we have the experience to troubleshoot, repair and perform decontaminations, with minimizing down time to your operations.

Laminar Flow Devices:

Laminar Flow Devices - Tested by Class 1 AirWhen your product requires a particle free environment you rely on a quality laminar flow device. Tested to IEST-RP-CC-002, providing only product protection, vertical and horizontal laminar flow work stations are critical to product protection. Medical manufacturing, micro optics and semi-conductor industries have found many uses of this clean air device.


Fumehood - Tested by Class 1 AirChemical fume hoods are prevalent in many laboratories. Testing per ANSI Z9.5 defines how the fume hood should be utilized and tested. These hoods provide personnel protection by discharging hazardous chemical fumes out of the building These units can be found in a variety of sizes and with many different types of exhaust controls. It is important for your personnel to know they will be safe when working inside these hoods. Part of our certification in proper evaluation of the exhaust system which is critical to ensure your fume hood is operating properly.

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