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Class 1 Air is your single source company for air filtration products and services. We work with a variety of industries to ensure that their people, products and environment are all protected from airborne contamination.

USP 797/800 Certification - Class 1 Air

Following the test procedures implemented by USP <797/800> in CETA CAG 003 2006, our CETA National Board of Testing(CNBT) accredited technicians provide the expertise needed to keep you compliant and up to date on the latest standards from USP <797/800>. Each aspect […]

Lab Equipment Testing - Class 1 Air

BioSafety Cabinets (BSCs) are an essential safety devices found in your laboratory or pharmacy. Following NSF standard 49 annex F, we certify any type of BSC. Protecting your environment, personnel and your product; a properly functioning BSC is indispensable […]

Cleanroom Certification - Class 1 Air

Cleanrooms play a critical role in maintaining a contamination free process and end product. Class 1 Air can perform complete cleanroom performance testing following international standards to meet and maintain your ISO-14644 classification. Room pressure […]

IQ-OQ-PQ Validation - Class 1 Air

Validation is the process of establishing evidence demonstrating that your process maintains the desired level of compliance at all stages. This can be applied to a facility, a cleanroom, or a process. We have experience writing and executing […]

Compressed Air Testing - Class 1 Air

Compressed air is used in greater than 70 percent of manufacturing applications, including pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and medical device manufacturing. We can provide you with the peace of mind that your compressed air system passes the tests […]

Isolators & Containment Enclosures - Class 1 Air

Keep your personnel and the environment safe from powders. Inside these enclosures, delicate powders from your weigh stations are captured by a HEPA filter. These enclosures are the first defense in keeping your product contained. Use in non-sterile compounding […]

Consultation & Gap Analysis - Class 1 Air

If you are in need of a cleanroom for contamination control or to set your company apart from your competitors, let us help. We can provide complete solutions designed to meet the most stringent classes of ISO-14644 standard of cleanliness. We can provide any size softwall […]

Filter Services & Duct Cleaning - Class 1 Air

Dirty ducts can be a source of allergens for your employees and customers. We can use our video camera inspection system to show interior condition of your ducts. We employ a mechanical cleaning system that thoroughly cleans the ducts. Unlike a high volume or […]

Microbial Sampling - Class 1 Air

Microbial sampling for surface and airborne contamination is a critical step to demonstrating the cleanliness of your production environment, or determining contamination sources.  Our technicians take air samples with an impaction air sampler […]

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Class 1 Air is your single source company for air filtration products and critical environment compliance testing. We proudly serve the upper Midwest. Our company is committed to leadership throughout Wisconsin and the Midwest in biological safety.

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