The Midwest’s largest single source for all of your air quality and certification needs. Our dedication to training and industry accreditations is demonstrated by having the LARGEST service team in the Midwest. Our technicians are NSF49* and (CETA) CNBT-RCCP- SCF** accredited.

We utilize cutting edge training facilities along with the most recognized names in the industry. Educational institutions include the Eagleson Institute, CETA, NEBB, Harvard School of Public Health,  IEST, Research Triangle Park, CDC, NIH and various manufacturers of clean air devices.

Our service team has 5 accredited technicians to maintain your cGMP, USP797/800 and NSF49 mandated certification cycles along with emergencies and project deadlines. Our dedicated staff truly cares and we are proud to serve you.

*NSF accredited (National Sanitation Foundation International) Biosafety Cabinet Field Certifier

**CNBT accredited RCCP-SCF (CETA National Board of Testing – Registered Cleanroom Certification Professionals for
Sterile Compounding Facilities.

Air Filtration Products

We are proud to represent Camfil energy saving air filtration products to provide clean air solutions for any application. We work with healthcare facilities, laboratories, food and beverage facilities and controlled environments in a variety of industries to ensure product integrity, safety for employees, and environmental protection. Airborne contamination, whether particulate or gas phase (molecular) is something we deal with daily. Our experienced air filter sales department has extensive knowledge and can offer a variety of clean air solutions to fit any application. Our delivery team can bring the filters directly to your mechanical area or storage area. We have an extensive inventory of many types of filters in our warehouse and stock orders are usually filled within 48 hours.

Specialized Services

In addition to air filtration products and testing services, we can assist in the design and construction of your next cleanroom to meet the specific user requirements needed for any application.

Our validation team can write and/or execute the validation protocol. When you need a comprehensive protocol, accurately executed and well organized into an audit ready document, call the professionals at Class 1 Air.

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Class 1 Air is your single source company for air filtration products and critical environment compliance testing. We proudly serve the upper Midwest. Our company is committed to leadership throughout Wisconsin and the Midwest in biological safety.

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