Cleanroom Certified by Class 1 Air in MilwaukeeCleanrooms play a critical role in maintaining a contamination free process and end product. Class 1 Air can perform complete cleanroom performance testing following international standards to meet and maintain your ISO-14644 classification. Room pressure gradient testing, HEPA filter integrity testing and accurate airflow measurement testing procedures lay the groundwork for cleanroom certification. Whether it’s a remote HEPA filter bank, or terminal HEPA filter in your ceiling diffusers, it’s important to have an experienced company that understands the unique testing conditions that are required for any application. Midwest Clean Room Tested by Class 1 AirWe have the capabilities to test filters using PAO(poly alpha olefin) or PSL(polystyrene latex spheres) media. Larger HEPA filter systems may require custom testing procedures. Through our training and experience, we have established methods to properly validate any size cleanroom. Repair and/or replacement of HEPA filters can be accomplished promptly to minimize down time and keep your production on track.

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Class 1 Air is your single source company for air filtration products and critical environment compliance testing. We proudly serve the upper Midwest. Our company is committed to leadership throughout Wisconsin and the Midwest in biological safety.

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